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Investing Properly

Investing Properly

Mark Barton, an investor on Wall Street desperate to shoot his own head, after shooting your opponent "game" in investing stocks and then his sons.

The reason, money Barton really sold out in a day trading (trading day), even still leaving a debt. Why does this happen??.

Barton bet all his income to invest, including investing money everyday life. This is the first mistake often made by the investors. They do not use the money specifically for berivestasi, but the cost of living.

While investing can use the money for living expenses, but often make irrational investment decisions. For affected by emotional state of investors who are still thinking about how to meet the financial needs of the routine should fail to achieve the benefits of investing?

To overcome this problem, do the right investments, such as the following questions.

Investment Options

If you already have an adequate income, then the remaining excess revenues after use ends meet and the things that besifat emergency, you can start investing in the stock exchange. What are the investment options that can add or increase revenue?

* Savings
* Deposita futures or dposito certificate.
* Closing the insurance policies (mainly unit-linked / combination of investment and insurance)
* Purchase of foreign currency
* Establishing a new business
* Buying gold or other jewelry.
* Buying a house or land (property).
* Buying securities on financial markets.
* Buying securities on capital markets, like bonds, convertible bonds, stocks, and others.

"Never invest using the" kitchen money "or money for daily life"

What factors affect the investment choices?

Before you make a decision selecting an investment instrument, it is important that you need to consider first the factors that influence the field of investment would you choose.

1. Your Age

You should assess and carefully consider how old you are

2. Risk

There are three types of investors face this risk, the investors who belong to like risks (risk seekers); investors that are categorized as less likely to risk (risk averter); and investors who ignore the risks (risk indifferent).

If you dare to take resiki classified, can choose investments in stocks that are growing. If you are classified as types do not like risk, could choose which instrument fixed income investments, like bonds, or are managed by professionals, such as mutual funds

3. Taxes

As a good citizen, then you must fulfill the obligation to pay taxes. Thus you should calculate roughly how much your net profit after taxes Or you could buy an investment instrument whose income is not taxed, such as mutual funds.

4. Liquidity or Security

Liquidity or fluency is the ease in finding a level of capital (principal) of your investment. If at any time you need cash immediately, whether your investment choices is easy or difficult disbursed?

If you are concerned with liquidity, should choose stock investments. conversely, if you're interested in security, can choose obligsi investment instruments or preferred stock that gives special dividend remains

5. International Economic Situation

In today's global era, unsure ketrgantungan very large inter-State. Almost no boundaries between countries, especially with the advance of technology and information so terrible. For example changes in economic policy of a State may provide positive or negative impact on other countries.

Information is available from the newspapers and magazines need to be analyzed, about what impact your investment terhadadap. For example, international economic conditions are depressed, it will have a negative impact on exports and imports. Therefore, to avoid investing in shares of companies closely linked with international trade.

6. National Economic Situation

National economic situation has a considerable influence on the field that effect the company you buy. Carefully follow the law changes, regulations and government policies, because it would be useful in determining your investment strategy.

For example, in the Budget (Budget of the State) government allocates substantial funds to the tourism sector, purchase shares of a company engaged in the field, travel agency, hotels, restaurants and others who still have something to do with tourism.

7. Industry Situation

The situation is very influential industry investment you plant. Does the industry is growing, is nearing the saturation point or social pressure.

Tobacco stocks, for example, always clear social pressure from the community. Along with public awareness about the importance of health, more days will be more people smoking less. Obviously this will affect the issuer's profits of tobacco companies.

8. Science and Technology

Science and technology are the primary nature of humans who never stops thinking to look for and find something. Consider Personal Computer (PC) on your desk, which will become obsolete within six months, for having found a new microchip.

Give the interest and attention to the development of science and technology because this will be very useful for strategy and planning your investments. Issuers are moving in the field of IT (Information Technology), for example, promising big earnings in the future, if the technological innovations successfully developed. Therefore, the shares deserve IT company as one of portfolio choice.

9. Cycles and Trends

There is a belief, that every business activity, even all forms of human life works in cycles / cycle. Every event in the past generally be repeated in different scales. The researchers say this as a technical analysis and aur. The purpose of this analysis is to predict or help show trends / future trends.

Understand the effects of behavior you buy, will be found when the price goes up or down. Use this cycle for investment decisions, for example, buying when prices are falling cycle, and sell when prices are rising cycle.

Results and Investment Risk

What about the relationship and the results of the investment risk?

Two elements are inherent in any investment is the result (return) and risk (risk). Two elements of this always has the direction of the relationship, the higher the risk of investment, the greater the chance they had.

Conversely, the smaller the risk, the smaller the odds that the results will be obtained.

Is there a risk-free investment?

Basically there is no investment instruments entirely free from risk. For example, the investment of savings with a fixed interest, fixed mamiliki minimal risk, which decreased the purchasing power of savings due to inflation.

Similarly, investments in gold, has a risk of possible loss, theft and so on. However, as the basic guidelines of investment benchmarks generally refers to the interest rate deposits, where interest rates from depositai considered the minimum (minimum return) of a risk-free investsi (risk free rate).

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