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Low Investment Risk But Profitable

Low Investment Risk But Profitable

Investment is like a journey to reach a destination. To achieve the objectives it can be done in various ways such as by walking, running, riding motorcycles, ride vehicles, ride a train or a plane. The longer or more distant range where you want to target the more time and more effort is needed. Therefore, to save energy and time the selection tool or vehicle that will help us to achieve the goal must be right. For example, if someone in Jakarta want to go to Bali, then it can be done on foot. But of course it took weeks to arrive in Bali. And if using an airplane, maybe it will take about 2 hours.

So did the investment., Investment products are tools, tools or vehicles that will take us toward financial goals to be achieved. But of course, profitable or not our role as the rider is crucial. Therefore, in an investment should not only focus on the profitable, because people forget that any potential benefits must always be accompanied by potential losses. Investment law had not changed from the higher investment results is the higher the risk and lower investment results, the lower are the risks. Unfortunately people are still hoping there is an investment that produces the highest or most profitable, but with no risk at all. It is not possible right? Therefore, before you start investing the question that should be sought answer is what investment is best for us with the accompanying financial condition.

For your financial condition is the selection of appropriate investment products should consider the following 2 things:

1. Determine investment objectives. Usually there are 2 goals of investing, namely: a) achieving a particular financial goal, such as buying a house, preparing to retire, raise business capital; b) to develop a number of funds that exist today. However, make sure whatever their investment objectives are specific and measurable. You can determine how development funds are expected from the number of your current funds in a period of time. Example You want to USD 50 million which is currently a USD 55 million a year away, so you should invest those funds into an investment product that can provide returns equal to the interest rate of 10% per year. If the average interest rate of savings and current bank deposits up to about 5% per year then certainly be difficult to reach the target funds or desired financial goals. This is a tool or an investment vehicle to be less precise. Well .. live your search tool or vehicle or what investment products can provide investment returns equal to 10% per year. Fund may, gold, or the land can provide investment returns above 10% per year. If so, can be considered to be taken. But before you get to learn a good investment product for you to consider the pros and cons.

2. Consider your age, the older age of a person or the person is approaching retirement age should be more careful because you might not have too much time to make amends, for the limited age and income also have been on hold due to retirement. Therefore investment products that seek low-risk, meaning if you invest in these investment products you will not lose the initial value or principal value of your investment. For example, if you save your money into savings or deposit is very little chance you lose the value of your investment, if you tetapai buy shares then you could lose your investment value because of fluctuating stock prices.

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I Know Its said...

Good investment for our old age and retirement, so when the old age we will live more perfect ...

Money-Inspired said...

Online and real investment is the lowest risk to the continuity of our investment in the future ...

harry said...

Informative article... It is indeed like a journey. You wont know what comes next unless you have made a proper decision.


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