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Investment Planning For Wealth Management Investor

Investment Planning For Wealth Management Investor

Investment planning is that planning is very important to do, and determine in an effort to help customers Wealth Management to achieve the purpose of financial investment or the future. Given that context is to help customers to achieve the investment goals, there was no way of investment or investment plans that are considered the most correct way of investment which is considered the most good is if I can be appropriate or suitable for the customer. As a Wealth Manager of the principal tasks to be done is find a method that is best for our customers.

There are three main steps in the planning of investment for the customer, namely
define and determine the parameters of investment, penetrate and understand the expectations with both client-expectations, and determine and select the appropriate investment vehicle suitable for the customer.

Parameters defines the investment

As a Wealth Manager in the planning of investment for the customer, must first make assessment of the six parameters for investment clients. Sixth parameter is the investment risk tolerance level for customers, customers the period of investment, liquidity, marketabilitas, income tax considerations, and investment iversification.

Risk tolerance level for customers, the customer is generally not avoid risk (risk avoider), but they are to avoid losses (Loss avoider). They want the benefits without the high investment that must be experienced losses in the principal or nominal investment. Risk tolerance is a means of measuring how much someone can receive damages from the principal value of investment. Risk tolerance level will be used to identify products or investment instruments are suitable for the customer and is set in the appropriate investment strategy to achieve financial customers.

Investment time period, how long is the time needed for customers to invest in can be met with its financial goals that he wanted to achieve. Short or long period of investment into customer demand will determine the selection of investment vehicle will be used in achieving that goal. For example, if a customer has a priority on short-term investment, the investment instrument is the appropriate instrument that is relatively safe investment and a short measure, such as SBI, deposits, money market rekasadana, cash and other instruments that the consequences can only give the expectation level of the investment profits relatively low.

Conversely, if the election period is relatively long investment then there are many choices of investment instruments that have the expectation level of profit is higher (such as bonds and shares).

Liquidity, customers who have limited investment or expenditure will be prepared for the needs of business and personalnya advance payments such as home care akan with liquidity problems, or how quickly the investment instrument can be converted into cash without having to experience any loss or damage even if experience does not mean too.

Marketabilitas, sometimes have a rather complicated with liquidity. Marketabilitas the difference between liquidity and the opportunity is at the time. Marketabilitas is how quickly an investment instrument that belongs to the customer can be sold or purchased. Investments such as real estate or property which may have marketabilitas high, but sometimes not liquid. Especially when the market conditions being experienced impairment, remain to be done because if the property owners will suffer a big loss if he sells at the time.

Income Tax Considerations on the selection of investment will be influenced by factors that tax must be paid by the customer, such as how much tax should be paid, the types of taxes levied on a particular investment instrument. Level of benefits is also an investment is a combination of tax benefits, and the type and amount of cash flow received akan customers.

Diversification, not having a speech impediment all put in one basket. Level to maximize profits and minimize investment risks of investment needs to be done on some of the spread of investment grade instruments that vary, such as shares, deposits, bonds, and SBI mutual funds, real estate, commodities and so forth.

Understanding customer expectations

As a Wealth Manager, after understanding the parameters of investment and is claimed to be able to further understand what the customer wants, so that the steps made in helping our customers to feel very comfortable with the investment and understand what is desired and sanagt is not desired by the customer . It is important to explain to the customer type or level of risk of an investment instrument that can occur, the level of investment profits, and trade-off between risk and investment return of an instrument / portfolio. Risks faced by the customer can invest in emerging from two forms, namely risk and systematic risk is not systematic. Systematic risk will always be there at the time we as investors because the risk can not be removed can not be revealed. Otherwise the risk is not systematic risk that can be reduced by diversifying the way we do.

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