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Information Document That Binds The Exporters and Importers

In a letter of credit and sale of documents, which are mandatory for the exporters and importers, that an international transaction. Specific information on the processing of payments are used, they should be.

Payment and limits are essential to all transactions, and are important for the following reasons:

Payment terms, which determines when, how and as an artist. When you type in the letter of credit to the importer's bank.

Two banks use this information in the letter of credit, to determine when, how and what the musicians. This is a basic principle of an agreement between the seller and buyer to determine that this is useful for both.

The letter of credit, the importer and the basic requirements in accordance with the fact that an exporter can. The Bank is a credit card for payment to the exporter. If all the circumstances, the party was not satisfied with the letter of credit in the bank as an intermediary. The letter of credit is a contract between the exporter and importer, can not be changed with the consent of all parties. The trade agreement will not be considered as legally binding as the letter of credit.

Recommended that samples for customer pre-printed letters of credit are the SWIFT code. Banks can usually provide. In most cases, the importers to decide what should happen to the credit and sends the sender by e-mail or letter.

The Bank opened a letter of credit, at the request of the importer. It is an exporter of payment of the bank's assets. The importer pays in accordance with the fact that credit for this.

If the export credit, which go hand in hand with the delivery of the goods. After arriving at the port, the L / C issuing bank. It also provides information on transportation and how the credit for it.

Bank must decide whether the documents indicate that the operation was carried out in accordance with the schedule, but also pays the exporter. The next step, if the bank could be the import of all documents by the seller, claim ownership of the property.

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