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Hide Cash Vault In A Safe Place

Hide Cash Vault In A Safe PlaceHow often do you feed your mind? When was the last time you read an instructional book? Books by Ben Sweetland, Bob Proctor, Napoleon Hill. The foundation for all is the Bible, 66 books compiled into a single edition written by various authors.

To find your hidden cash vault demands time and dedication to discovering where it is located. Relax I am going to tell you where it is. It is hidden within your mind. There is a seed in your mind that was planted when you were born. Relax and don't be in a hurry the seed will not disappear all it requires is to be fed and strengthened.

Your desires comes from this seed and you need to recognize that any desire you may have is possible to achieve. All you need to do is give it the nourishment it requires to grow into reality. How you think and how you live your life is how you are presently developing your future. Your mind is just as important as your stomach and you probably eat three times a day.

Within the Bible are the Laws that govern the Universe. The Law of Gravity, Law of change, Law of choice, Law of Attraction, Law of Commitment, and many more Laws that control your life.

The scientist Wernher Von Braun the father of space travel stated "I could not have landed a space craft on the Moon without there being Laws in place to guide it". The Law of Thinking is what I want you to consider because that is where you will find the directions to your cash vault. Not surface thought, trivial details such as what time is it? That is surface thought.

True thought is the understanding of Truths, who am I, why was I born, why do I have these desires, how can I be in harmony with the Universe? There are well over 100 known Laws of the Universe. Are you wondering "Why Bother?" Just as we do not like change we do not like investigating the realms of the unknown.

But your rewards will be great, for a start your life will be in harmony, not only your life but also in your relationships. We were not born to be alone we are by nature a herd animal.

Are you thinking, I do not have the ability to find my hidden cash vault? If you have the desire I can state that you have the ability, you may not recognize it yet but it is there. Not only can you find your hidden cash vault but you will also find the answers to any health problems you may have.

All you need to do to put into effect these powers is to simply make a start. Make the decision (NOW) to find your hidden cash vault but don't expect the answer immediately. It is not that the answer will not come it is simply that you are trying to make a change to your way of living and you first have to notify your mind that this is what you are wanting.

Your subconscious mind is in control of your everyday life it tells you when and what to eat, when to go to bed and when to go to work.

It does all of this without you having to consciously say I must eat, I must go to bed, your mind has been programmed to remind you to do these things. You now need to re-program your subconscious mind to allow you to change your way of thinking. And, you will do that the same way as you did initially, by doing it step by step one step at a time.

It has been calculated that for any change to take place you must tell your mind for 30 consecutive days what instruction it is you wish to replace. If you miss one day then the 30 days have to start again. There is another condition to this 30 day rule. You have to act as if you believe that you will receive it, feel it as if you already had it, it is the feeling that makes your mind active.

All you require to find your hidden cash vault is "the desire". And, a willingness to start, all the other requirements will be added to you as you progress.

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