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Difficult or Easy To Get Money In Forex?

Difficult or Easy To Get Money In Forex?

In the various forums we often see the titles in the thread that began with, "the easy way ...."," 100-150 pips a day with .....". "Get the daily input ....." and so on. So as if forex trading will be easy for them so that there is also a robot that makes the trading movement can beat the price that is difficult to predict. There are no useless in providing a request for payment. Well, the last of this interesting, if trading robot that can sell their produce hundreds of pips in a month why would they still selling in the forums ya? Hmmm ... Big Question. That should not happen they had a forum entry or make a beautiful website as its occupation for the money he spends.

Just imagine, if it's their system you can restore the capital only 100% during the month, in 2 years they can rival the wealth of the world traders classmates Soros. I do not believe let's countdown
Month 1: $ 100
Month 2: $ 200
Month 3: $ 400
Month 4: $ 800
Month 5: $ 1600
Month 6: $ 3200
Month 7: $ 6400
Month 8: $ 128,000
Month 9: $ 256,000
Month 10: $ 512,000
Month 11: $ 1,024,000
Month 12: $ 2,048,000
Month 13: $ if I continue up to 24 months to a calculator I can not afford to accommodate the numbers shown on the screen.

If the robot system or they can be like that, why they are still busy to go to the forum and make a website ?????????

So this is actually trading forex is easy or difficult? If so why in many out there who can promise to return capital to you in 1 month even have a 3-day (a fortune that may be quite difficult to re-delivery). The fact is they are often loss as we need them so that injection of funds for real money in their forex.

Is that what they are. Hmmm, I am including one to give input, hehehehe. Many reasons can be you as they need recognition, or they just find a system both for itself and profit that day so that happiness saking trading system directly proclaim that finding. So that the victim, of course, the newbie.

That they should be able to feel each month from forex provide bait and teach them how to fish certainly can not promise success, and so forth. All need the process, its success does not mean someone can be successful people. Cases such as this example, there can provide an indie that could accurately predict 90% but not followed by indie is how to manage the margin with the newbie. Of course, the newbie who will be interested to try with a margin more than 10% even 80% of the initial capital for the indie. When exposed to loss, lost all the capital he once in a while they can profit the previous 1-2 weeks, so to start again from the start they need more, so capital can sway.

So what I answered that the master is here, so easy to do forex or forex so hard to do this.

How do I easily answered: Forex is difficult when we want the results of a large forex and can make himself suddenly rich in the long period of 2 years. But Forex become easy and fun when we do not expect a large profit, and how we try to be so in the forex without having to think how I should profit per day ????.

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