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Risks of Investment Shares

Few people ask "what risk?" if asked for investment in financial products, and only focus on the question "is there?". Different case with those who asked for the business, it is usually "what risk?" always asked first in comparison with the "how many there?".

Investors who are smart investors who ask them for any type of investment.
Sale and purchase shares must be made through the securities company that serves as a broker. Because investors can not directly deal in exchange floor broker without intermediaries. Make sure that the company has a securities license as a broker in the capital market. In this case the Indonesian Stock Exchange if you want to invest in the form of shares. Brokers act as intermediaries only transactions, while transactions in the decision on your own as investors.
So make sure you also have the expertise to invest in basic shares.

If you buy a stock, is the worst possible stock prices go down. That somehow as a negative assessment of the market shares of the company, or could also be fundamental for the company before the loss. But worst risk for you as shareholders is a very cheap stock price, or no longer want to purchase the shares, so that your funds are jammed in stock.

However, legally you are the owner of the company so that the company is entitled to the assets in accordance with the share ownership of your shares. So when the worst possible form of failure occurs, you can expect the liquidation value of the division. But in fact, very rarely, almost never even have the company go bankrupt in the capital market in a short time. Investors will be protected by regulations that ensure that the main company that the company is signed in exchange for a healthy financial. So that the risk to investors is just a decrease in stock value. Likewise pack, please learn more about the specifics of investment in the stock before you decide to really invest.

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